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How to use the wands

If you have used natural crystals in your healing work then you use the Four Element Salts in the same way. If you are unsure about how to use crystals here is a quick guide to how to use these Wands.

The salt crystals in these wands are already ready to do their work and the salts in the wands understand their purpose, they need little more than heartfelt intention to activate them – 528Hz or above. Only Humans that are consistently tuned into this frequency or a higher frequency can activate them. You don’t need to resonate at that level to benefit from the energy waves they emit. These wands are thought to have a reach of upto 2 kilometres. Safe to use with adults and children, animals, places, spaces, projects, businesses and buildings.

Special edition wands are already emerging and take the energetic flexibility of these wands further still.   Personalised wands provide an opportunity to connect with energy work on a personal level and can be commissioned by consulting with Amanda.

How to use the wands:

‘Work intuitively and you can’t go wrong!’

Try any of these techniques

  1. Place the wand on, under or around your body
  2. Move the wand within the aura
  3. Meditate holding the wand near your tummy button (CV6 the Sea of Chi)
  4. Leave the wand in your alter or in a place that is significant to you.
  5. Attach the wands to the undersides of your bed, tables, behind cupboard doors, on walls, above the entrance to your building etc
  6. May be used in distance healing work provided all parties agree to the work being undertaken

Ensure you treat the wand with courtesy and respect and that you connect with the wand before you ask it to start working. Listen carefully as many who have used these wands believe they whisper back to you.

Four Element Salt is a natural energetic tool for Kinesiologists, Reiki practitioners & Healers although you do not need to be a qualified therapist to benefit from using them.

Four Element Salt™ crystals are pre-programmed to attract, absorb, cleanse, clear, neutralise, ground and protect energy. The pyramid shaped crystal salts are specifically intended for healing work and comprise Guardian, Miracle, Harmonic, Auric, Grounding, Luminary and Alchemy salt wand families.

A quick word about care. The salt in the crystal wand chambers should not be eaten or added to drink. The glass wand chamber is liable to shatter if dropped so keep away from children. The salt will cleanse itself although it benefits from moonlight occasionally. Replacements wands are available by contacting Amanda.