Four Element Salt Foundation Collection


A set of 30 Four Element Salt wands.  These salt wands are specifically intended for healing work and comprises the complete set of salt wands for intuitive healing work.

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Product Description

There are seven different family groups of Four Element Salt wands that make up the  Foundation wand set.

The foundation wand set is a complete collection of 30 foundational wands and is delivered in a gorgeous sky blue purpose made wand box. This foundation collection is the perfect set, absolutely ideal for Intuitive Healers of all kinds.

The boxed set includes all Guardian, Auric, Miracle, Grounding, Harmonic, Alchemy & Luminary salt wands.

The wands  are all clearly labelled by family name and number.  Short affirmations are also included on the wand labels, each is different and is an indication of the energy expressed by the wand.

The Guardian salt wands: Used to offer protection against and release from  physical, mental, emotional or spiritual negativity. These salts are champions of peace, courage, protection and love. There are 8 wands in the Guardian family.

The Auric salt wands: Used to clear dysfunction in the Aura and the Auric field. There are 4 wands in the Auric family.

The Miracle salt wands: Used to attract and align to positive energy. There are 8 wands in the Miracle family.

The Harmonic salt wands: Used for personal development and empowering our response ability. There are 3 wands in the Harmonic family.

The Grounding salt wand: Used to reconnect and anchor to the core. (Energy workers can have a love hate relationship with this one as the frequency is low!) There is 1 wand in the Grounding family.

The Alchemy salt wands: Used to optimise state of being. There are 3 wands in the Alchemy family.

The Luminary salt wands: Used to bring illumination, learning, truth & light. There are 3 wands in the Luminary family.

A set of 30 Four Element Salt wands.  These salt wands are specifically intended for healing work and comprises the complete set of salt wands for intuitive healing work:

  1. Guardian x 8
  2. Harmonic x3
  3. Grounding x1
  4. Miracle x 8
  5. Auric x4
  6. Luminary x3
  7. Alchemy x3
  • guardian #1 – Everlasting Peace
  • guardian #2 – Never-Ending Protection & Healing
  • guardian #3 – Perpetual Truth & Forgiveness
  • guardian #4 – Eternal Illumination
  • guardian #5 – Ceaseless Abundance
  • guardian #6 – Timeless Courage & Honour
  • guardian #7 – Infinite Love of Self
  • guardian #8 – Infinite Love of Not-Self
  • harmonic #1 – Ascension for self and for others
  • harmonic #2 – Humility to self and with others
  • harmonic #3 – Empowerment of self and of others
  • grounding #1 – Grounding & anchoring
  • miracle #1 – Limitless, unbounded, unconditional Love.
  • miracle #2 – Resolution and Healing in all incarnations and on all levels of being.
  • miracle #3 – The un-manifest becomes manifest easily and effortlessly.
  • miracle #4 – Rebirth on all levels and in all expressions of time.
  • miracle #5 – I am universally forgiven and I am able to universally forgive.
  • miracle #6 – What I seek now seeks me.
  • miracle #7 – Harmony, clarity and balance in all that I am.
  • miracle #8 – My needs are acknowledged and I shall receive.
  • auric #1 – Address lack of nourishment on all levels of your energy field.
  • auric #2 – Lifting and removing negative Auric veils, while slowly dispersing the negativity.
  • auric #3 – Repairing Auric leaks and tears while slowly dispersing the leak or tear.
  • auric #4 – Slowly releasing inwards or outward hooks and attachments into or from the Aura (Consciously placed or otherwise).
  • luminary #1 – Celestial illumination
  • luminary #2 – Inspiring illumination
  • luminary #3 – Eminent illumination

 * There are 2 empty wand spaces within the foundation wand box so that you can store any additional wands you purchase. The set does not include any Special Edition, Solfeggio Soma, Chakra or Privately Commissioned Wands as standard. Extra Wand boxes are available to buy from the shop.

Salt wands can be selected intuitively or deliberately chosen by dowsing or affirmation. Wands can be used safely with adults and children, animals, places, spaces, projects, businesses and buildings.

  • Held in the hand
  • Moved within and around the energy systems
  • Placed in, on or around the energy system
  • Sprinkled according to need
  • Do not take internally

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