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If you could have an energy healing wand that is manifested especially for you by an expert Energist how would you feel? I manifest personal energy wands!→ Read more
We are tuning in to an array of energy waves and these waves are constantly connecting with us all the time. The possibility of nuclear matter having a musical nature (from atoms to galaxies) is now also being recognized by science. Understanding the effect of frequencies upon matter is still→ Read more
I’d like to tell you about a naturally formed double terminated clear quartz that I feel is especially powerful. This quartz is known as a Herkimer diamond and in my opinion it has to be among the most powerful of the quartz crystal family.→ Read more
Different brain waves can affect us in different ways - taking us in an 'upstream' or 'downstream' flow of energy. Each wave frequency has its own set of characteristics representing a specific level of brain activity and a unique state of consciousness.→ Read more