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Grounding salt wand

Four Element Salt Wands – Grounding

Intent: The Grounding salt wand is used to reconnect and anchor to the core.

There is 1 wand in the grounding family.

This grounding salt wand is essential in the set of Four Element Salt™, bringing powerful, calming, anchoring, stable energy.

(Energy workers can have a love hate relationship with this one as the frequency is low!)

grounding #1
Grounding & anchoring

Salt wands can be selected intuitively or deliberately chosen by affirmation. Wands can be used safely with adults and children, animals, places, spaces, projects, businesses and buildings.

  • Held in the hand
  • Moved within and around the energy systems
  • Placed in, on or around the energy system
  • Sprinkled according to need

Do not take internally