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Auric Salt Wands

Four Element Salt Wands – Auric

Intent: These wands are used to clear dysfunction in the Aura and the Auric field.

There are 4 wands in the Auric family.

Your aura is an extension of you and it forms the energy field that surrounds your body, acting as a flexible protective boundary around you.

You need a strong vibrant Aura to provide that protective shield. If the Auric shield is dysfunctional you may feel drained and out of sorts or find it hard to break out of negative attachments and addictions that clearly do not benefit you or others.

Release and repair from those nets, hooks, arrows, holes, leaks or tears and then fill your energy field up with vitality and nourishment!

auric #1
Address lack of nourishment on all levels of your energy field.

auric #2
Lifting and removing negative Auric veils, while slowly dispersing the negativity.

auric #3
Repairing Auric leaks and tears while slowly dispersing the leak or tear.

auric #4
Slowly releasing inwards or outward hooks and attachments into or from the Aura (Consciously placed or otherwise).

Salt wands can be selected intuitively or deliberately chosen by affirmation. Wands can be used safely with adults and children, animals, places, spaces, projects, businesses and buildings.

  • Held in the hand
  • Moved within and around the energy systems
  • Placed in, on or around the energy system
  • Sprinkled according to need

Do not take internally