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Alchemy Salt Wands

Four Element Salt Wands – Alchemy

Intent: These wands are used to optimise your state of being.

There are 3 wands in the Alchemy family.

The Alchemy wands are a blend of salt and other natural elixirs or essences:

  • alchemy #1 contains Four Element Salt and White powdered Monoatomic Gold. Monoatomic Gold powder (manna, philosopher’s stone, firestone).
  • alchemy #2 contains Four Element Salt and a single premium quality authentic Herkimer Diamond (a fantastic new age amplification crystal)
  • alchemy #3 contains Four Element Salt and 23carat solid  yellow gold (of the Mother Earth)

alchemy #1
Metamorphosis and transmutation

alchemy #2
Crystal elixir & life essence

alchemy #3
Gaia essence

Salt wands can be selected intuitively or deliberately chosen by affirmation. Wands can be used safely with adults and children, animals, places, spaces, projects, businesses and buildings.

  • Held in the hand
  • Moved within and around the energy systems
  • Placed in, on or around the energy system
  • Sprinkled according to need

Do not take internally