Four Element Salt ~ History

Ad-AmandaI have always been involved in some form of healing work inspired by my Oceans of possibilities however, in 2010,  I began to receive messages through meditations that urged me to manifest a collection of salt wands for complementary and alternative therapy purposes.    Amanda Nelson

I’m proud of my ‘spiritual’ roots and my ability to work with the veils of energy that flow around every one of us.  I’ve always been directly tapped into Source and worked confidently with all forms of higher energy waves. Even so, it still  took a while for me to step into my true authenticity as a natural Energy Master , I was shy about telling people that I felt these salt wands were part of my life purpose and deeply important for the ascension taking place in our Universe.  I suppose I was worried that people would judge me negatively.

There comes a point, though, when you have been ‘told what to do’ SO many times during meditations that you have no choice but to get on and do it!

With so much change and transformation happening around us at this it feels right to bring the natural phenomenon that is Four Element Salt™ into service.

I hope you love these wands to as much as I do

Amanda xxx

P.S. Here is what my Guides told me:

water-ripplesHumans do not fully understand the full scope of what Sea Water represents to the Planet.

Humans already understand that Salt water nurtured the origins of life in our world however Salt water is a lot more than Humans understand it to be.

With the ascending energy the time is right to reevaluate Sea Water and it’s role. Sea Water has always been of such special value but we have not been aware of its true value in recent times.

What humans need to remember is that natural clean salt water is also both the Curator of our Planet AND it holds the Akashic records of all that has ever existed on Earth.  This means that each of the salt crystals held in the Four Element Salt wands will be a natural gem enabling significant energy transformation when placed in or around the internal, physical, celestial or quantum energy pools of any other energy form.

The salt crystals are already ready to do their work and will be as adaptable as a Human Stem cell in becoming what they are needed to be at any time.

The salts in the wands understand their purpose, they need little more than heartfelt intention to activate them – 528Hz or above. Only Humans that are consistently tuned into this frequency or a higher frequency can activate them.

To find the specific salt crystal for the wands you will need to look for a rare pure sea salt that will only emerge if the atmospheric conditions are in harmony. What will materialise in the salt pans ‘out of nowhere’  will be miniature, geometrically perfect, lustrous four sided pyramid shaped sea salt crystals.

These crystals are naturally offered up by the planet in a perfect state and are ready to undertake their work.

There are 3 locations where the salt can be sourced however only one location will provide crystals able to reliably resonate at the highest frequencies of over 800Hz.   Namaste

‘When conditions are just right the pristine coastal water, warm sunshine and onshore breezes come together to magically transform the brine into this special kind of pyramid shaped crystal salt. The elements of Water, Fire and Air come together to create the fourth element ‘Earth’. That’s why these beautiful crystals were named Four Element Salt.